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12th April 1817: Louis Allsopp updates the Home Secretary on the plot against Gravenor Henson

12 [April] 1817.

My Lord.

I sent to your Lordship herewith a Copy of a Letter I made from one written by Henson, & which I have obtained from a person, who has not the least Idea of what is doing; by this letter I conclude your Lordship will have had the Honor of a Visit from him—

I hear Lord Middleton is anxious to get Savage off, he is one of the worst—Mitchells Friends are very respectable & loyal—& I know some of them, but with my feelings on the necessity of an Example being made, I would not venture to express a Wish to your Lordship, I [should] feel that I was forfeiting any good opinion your Lordship might please to entertain of me—& I know it [would] be useless after the firm way in which your Lordship condescended to speak to me on this business.

I am favored with Mr Beckett's letter & very happy to hear that the business is done—I immediately put the messenger in the Way of taking possession of Henson's papers, & he is now at the house; I am under the necessity of going a few miles into the Country to see an elderly Gentleman on business, but I shall return in the Morning—

Mr Hart, the Surveyor, is engaged at the post office by some of Mrs. Raynors Friends, upon which subject we must trouble your Lordship hereafter, for it will never do to have the post office of such a place as this in the hands of our Enemies.

I have [etc]

L Allsopp

Mr Hart is fully
alive to your
commands respecting
the Letters.

[To] The Lord Visct Sidmouth

This letter can be found at HO 42/163.

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