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17th April 1817: J Anderson of Notts writes to a Mr Wood at Calais, France "ned Is at Leister now And they can do As they like"

[To] Mr. Wood
at Mr. Thompsons
Bass Ville

Dear friend I Received your Letter yesterday dated 12th And I ham very sory that Mr. C. should look At it in that Light that Is factory might be considered A depot for they can be no depot whithout the Arms And other Instruments is lodged their Mr. C. whould find Im A very youseful young man for he is a very good hand either In wharp or point net And if he likes to take Im he need not be Afraid of Is factory or Any thing else for there As never been Any of them Advertised nor Is there likely to be for government Is tired of it only he cannot stay no where About here for our constables whould fetch Im Any where in England but they have got no orders to go any further he is not Afraid of Any body knowing Im because he As been Away from home ever since he whas young And therefore very few Nottingham people knows Im And he thinks he should be safe there And so do I think so he Is very mutch obliged to you for saying you will do every thing Lays in your power but he says he cannot expect you to maintain Im without work though Is parents will find Im enough to carry Im ten times As far As that And you know he Is a well drest young man And of good Aparance Is parents whant Im to go to America but he had rather come to you but stil he dose not like to come without Mr. C. would say he whould Imploy him as there Is no danger you may depend therefore he Is determined to wait here for Another Answer sooner then he will go to America, you must excuse me troubling you so mutch but we are forced to troble Any people now but he will pay you the expence of the Letters If he comes If you go up the country he Is Agreable to wait hear two or three weeks but you may depend he will be safe there If he comes And if he comes he will let you know that you may meet Im at the flying horse in calais and send whord whether he will be forced to get A pasport or not If he comes he thinks of staying In dover one day to wright to you to let you know what packet he shall come by that you may be there ready to carry Is clothes to prevent suspicion And to take him strait where you think fit dear friend will be so good As to Answer this As soon As possible you can if it is not trobling you to mutch—

I have some very unpleasant news to tel you whe sent a peticion up to government to save the lives of these unfortunate men that sufferd this day at Leister And whe sent it by gravener henson and Wm. Robinson And when they got there they seised gravener And put Im in the towr for I treason And told him that he had saved them troble of fetching Im so how he will get on we cannot say they gave Robinson Is answer that must have its cours but whe expect the pardon for the rest after a little time is past the men that suffer is Joshua Mitchel old crowder John Amos Thos savage Rodney Towle and william whithers slater Little Sam the desarter that worked with barton & another Basford Lad is transported for life the other 6 poor Lads suffer this day at twelve whe understand, be so good As troble Mr. C. this time And send word by return of Post And that will satisfy All trade is better here then it As been but they have begun to late And to tel us that ned Is at Leister now And they can do As they like Mr. & Mrs. henson and all give their respects to you & are all well direct as before

I remain your well wishing

J. Anderson

April 16. 1817

This letter can be found at HO 42/163. It is a copy of the original. Although the letter is dated the 16th April 1817, and mentions the executions at Leicester as having taken place already, it is likely that it was completed and sent after the date it was started (i..e after the executions on the 17th).

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