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18th January 1812: Duke of Newcastle urges the Home Office to replace the military commander in Nottinghamshire


Jany 18 1812


Until quite lately I was in hopes that every thing was becoming quiet in this County — at present however there appears no prospect of such a fortunate Event, on the contrary affairs are becoming worse every day, and I receive from all quarters the most melancholy accounts the State of the County —

People are now never safe in their houses and robberies and even attempts to murder are constantly taking place — Indeed, without being an alarmist, I am of opinion that the present state of the County is calculated to excite the most serious apprehensions for the consequences which may ensue, and I most earnestly entreat the vigorous assistance of Government in whatever way may be thought the most efficacious —

I will mention some facts which appeared to me of the utmost importance, and which require to be noticed without delay —

The Garrison of Nottingham and the dispersal of all the troops in the County &c is under the command of a very young officer (Ld. Waldegrave) who is only a Major in the 15th Lt Dragoons — it cannot be expected that a young man of this age is equal to the direction and proper application of the troops belonging to so intricate a command — I had understood that Col. Grant was to have commanded the Garrison and I have no doubt that it would be safe in his hands; I should hope therefore that without delay either he or someone of equal experience and ability will be ordered to Nottingham to take the command then — it is a situation of infinite responsibility I assure you, and one which requires very great arrangement, activity and intelligence —

Another thing which I have to mention is that I have heard that the troops are without cartridges, which if it is really so, does appear to me most extraordinary — let me entreat that this may be enquired into and rectified with the utmost dispatch —

I will have the honor of writing to you again on Monday or Tuesday after having been at Nottingham, when I will hope to be able to give you pleasanter information —

I have [etc]


The Right Honble Richard Ryder &c

Following the receipt of this letter, Waldegrave was replaced by General Hawker. The letter can be found at HO 42/119.

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