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29th January 1812: Anthony Hardolph Eyre, MP for Nottinghamshire, proposes legislation to the Home Secretary


Grove near Retford
Jany 29. 1812

Dear Sir

I am sorry to say that the outrages, which had been so long committed in this County with impunity, still continue & indeed increase; & the means, which have been employ’d consistent with the existing laws, or those extraordinary means, which have been furnish’d by Government, have hitherto been found ineffective to check them. —Some of the Magistrates have therefore thought, that an Act, founded on the Common Law of the country & upon several ancient & approved Statutes, might be devised, which would, by being better adapted to the present circumstances of the times, & by affording a more prompt & intelligible mode of execution, be attended with the best effects. —I have obtain’d a rough draft of such a Bill, which has been drawn up hastily, & I feel anxious to know how far you & his Majesty's other Ministers approve of the measure or of the principle on which it is founded; & I should feel much obliged to you to let your sentiments be committed to writing & prepared by monday next, when (if the Irish Question should come on) I shall have the pleasure of seeing you in the House. —But if that question should be again postponed, I should be very desirous that you would have the goodness to transmit your sentiments to me, as I could then communicate them to my Brother Magistrates in such a manner as might be less inconvenient than if they were publish’d officially. —I need not impress upon you the urgency of the case & how desirable it is that some efficient measure should be speedily adopted. —I have the honour to be

Dear Sir
your [etc]

A H Eyre

[to] The Rt. Honble. Richard Ryder

Anthony Hardolph Eyre was one of the Nottinghamshire MPs in 1812.

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