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2nd January 1812: Reward notice for burglary at Lewcote Gate, West Hallam



WHEREAS a Number of Persons did in the Night between Saturday the 21st, on Sunday the 22d days of December instant, break and enter the Dwelling House and Shop of Mrs ELIZABETH HANDLEY, at Lewcote Gate; in the Parish of West Hallam, in the county of Derby, and did feloniously carry away from thence a considerable quantity of Shop Goods, together with all the Money in the House.

Notice is hereby Given.

That a Reward of FIFTY POUNDS will be paid on application to MR. BIRCH, of Smalley, to any person who shall give such information as may lead to the Discovery and Conviction of the Offenders.

Description of Three of the Robbers, who with Handkerchiefs tied over their Faces, and armed with Pistols, entered and plundered Mrs Handley's Bed Room.

One was a remarkable muscular man, & stood about 5 feet nine or 10 inches high, his legs and thighs were uncommonly strong and fleshy. He had on a light-coloured jean coat much resembling a shooting jacket; a very light-coloured pair of corduroy breeches, which appeared too straight at the knee, being unbuttoned; and a pair of ash coloured stockings. His step was very firm and heavy.

Another appeared a stripling, about 5 feet, 5 or 6 inches high. Had on a pair of breaches either of cloth or Jean, a dark coat, unlike stockings; his hands appeared rather delicate.

The third was in the middle stature, and dressed apparently the same as the last mentioned person; and both of them wore glazed hats.

ARTICLES, &c. STOLEN.—Cash and notes the amount of £6 12 shillings, and upwards.—Several pieces of ancient silver coin, among which were South Sea Shilling, and 13 pence halfpenny piece.—One gold wedding ring, filed into two—One gold ring, set with a large square diamond, and marked in the inside of the ring with the letters (M.D.)

FROM THE SHOP.—1 hundredweight of sugar, tied up in pound and half pound packets. Several pounds of tea. About four stone of soap. Upwards of 1 hundredweight of rice. About six pounds of tobacco. A roll of blue cotton. Some handkerchiefs. One pair of worsted stockings – and considerable quantities of flour, meal, bacon, cheese, butter, bread, and candles.

The reward notice appeared in the 2nd January 1812 edition of the Derby Mercury.

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