Thursday, 26 January 2012

26th January 1812: Frame-breaking early and late in the day across Nottinghamshire

In the early hours of Sunday 26th January, Luddites struck at Clifton, breaking 20 stocking frames there and a week after the last attack in the small village of Ruddington, breaking 14 frames there. The aftermath of the attack left only 2 functioning frames in Ruddington.

However, the alarm had been raised, and Hussars stationed at Nottingham, as well as the Bunny troop of Yeomanry Cavalry proceeded to the area and blocked all the bridges crossing the river Trent. Seeing their obvious escape routes blocked, the Luddites stole a boat, apparently called 'Aaron's boat', near to Clifton, and used it to cross the Trent. Upon reaching the opposite bank and before fleeing into the night, they discharged their pistols into the air.

On Sunday evening, Luddites visited Bagthorpe and Underwood, breaking up to 45 frames there. They also broke 1 frame at Bulwell, but 7 of the Berkshire Militia were stationed nearby and a gunfight ensued when the Militiamen came across the Luddites after they had done their work. The Luddites escaped, leaving behind a hammer and a shoe.

As recorded in The Nottingham Review of 31st January and the Nottingham Journal of 1st February 1812.

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