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30th July 1812: The Stockport solicitor John Lloyd tells the Home Office of 'strangers of suspicious appearance'


30 July 1812


I have the honor of your private Commands on my return out of Yorkshire yesterday – and have taken the steps you cou’d desire—but have not discovered any persons at present There are strangers in the Town of suspicious appearance I can perceive on walking out & two strangers which I do not think prudent, as being contrary to your injunctions with respect to one certain House, to make any enquiries about, have been with the person we know to be a Delegate at the Britannia Inn in this Town kept by a loyal man – & they may the rather chuse to resort to it to prevent suspicion attaching to them. One of the expressions made use of by them, as reported to me, was “let not your right hand know what your left doeth.”

Unfortunately I am obliged to go from home on particular business tomorrow morning for a day or two (southwards this time)

I suppose you have had reported to you an intended meeting on Sunday at a place called the Car Meadow near Hayfield, Derbyshire, about addressing the Prince for Peace & Reform It is a printed Paper the time & place filled up with writing – It originally stood in Print Blando the Sir Sid. Smith Port Street Manchester – It is delivered to such only as are twisted in – I fear this wou’d not be considered an unlawful assembly unless indeed they refused to allow others to be present on their Debate — I shall see Genl. Maitland tomorrow & will advise with him—

I shall want to know from Mr. Hobhouse as to what is to be done at Chester & at Lancaster the ensuing Assizes—I will write to him –

I hope Mr. Justice Bayley will not think of returning from Lancaster to York to deliver the Gaol of the men we have sent as I before informed you — This you cou’d prevent. I wish them to be where they are till we can make ourselves more certain of fixing them

My Clerk has instructions to forward the Copies of such Examinations as have already been taken—

I have the honor to be Sir
Your very obt Servt

J Lloyd

[To] J Beckett Esq under Sy &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/125.

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