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14th August 1812: The solicitor to the Treasury advises Joseph Radcliffe that better evidence is needed against those committed to York Castle

Lincolns Inn
14th August 1812


In addition to Mr. Litchfield's Letter of Yesterday I have the honor to inform you that with respect to Saml Haigh and the seven other Prisoners committed at the same time, the Attorney and Solicitor General think that as the Evidence against some of them consists only of their own Declaration and against others is only the Testimony of an accomplice it is not adviseable to prosecute them merely on such Evidence, while there is a prospect of obtaining better. The Judges therefore will not be applied to to hold the adjourned assizes in September but as circumstances may arise to make it necessary to have recourse to the next adjournment in October it is highly desirable that no time should be lost or pains shared in procuring further Evidence against these Offenders—I have written to Mr. Lloyd to this Effect.

and have the honor to be
Sir &c
(signed) H. Hobhouse

[To] J.Radcliffe Esq

This letter can be found at HO 42/126.

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