Wednesday, 15 August 2012

15th August 1812: Reports of abundant crops throughout England and Wales

On Saturday 15th August 1812, the Leeds Mercury ran an article reporting that various areas of the country were showing signs that the forthcoming harvest would be abundant:

Wales.—The crops of Wheat throughout Wales are as abundant as ever known.

Winchester.—The Wheat harvest has commenced in the vicinity of this place, and the crops most abundant.

Sussex—Throughout this county, the harvest is very promising, and a larger crop is expected than has been known for many years.

York.—There is a most promising appearance of a plentiful harvest in this county.

Truro.—The harvest in this neighbourhood promises to be most abundant.

Liverpool.—There has not been for many years a more greater promise of an abundant harvest than at present.

The uncommon abundance of the approaching harvest may now be considered as a matter of incontestable certainty. The accounts from all parts of the kingdom concur in justifying this opinion; and we have particular pleasure in observing, that the heavy luxuriance of the crops throughout the western counties, has seldom been equalled within the recollection of the oldest person. Neither blight, smut, mildew, nor any other injurious visitation has yet been witness. The reaping is partially commenced.—Taunton Courier.

The papers represent the crops as highly promising, and only requiring warm and dry weather to bring them to maturity.

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