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29th August 1812: General Maitland reports that 600 Luddites have taken the Oath of Allegiance at Stockport

29th August

My dear Sir

I am happy to say the Spirit of coming in still prevails, about 600 confessions have been taken at Stockport alone and they cannot go on fast enough with them as Crowds are flocking in still

I this Morning learnt that it was extending itself to Oldham and that some few of the Arms stolen had been placed the night before last, at the Doors of the Houses from which they had been previously taken. All this is extremely favorable if we can only keep it moving, but the want of intelligence here is particularly incredible, when they do get it, I fear they do not make the [most] use of it

I have little doubt however on the whole by pursuing same plan we did in Cheshire that we will in a month get among them. indeed this day, I have received some favorable informations from Sheffield that leads me to think we may be able shortly to get hold of some of them at Barnsley & its Neighbourhood

With a View to make it as Public as I could I inserted yesterday the enclosed in the Leeds Mercury, a very mischievous Paper universally read among them, & shall continue doing every thing in my power not to keep the Thing quiet for that is doing nothing, but to get rid of it.

I have kept this open to the last moment in hopes of hearing further information but I must close it and request you to keep this for me as I have no Copy of it—

T Maitland

I have just heard of the miserable acquital of the 38 at Lancaster—

[To] JB &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/126.

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