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29th August 1812: The Stockport Solicitor, John Lloyd, takes John Hinchliffe into private custody

29 August 1812


By a particular mode of Examination which I made use of in this neighbourhood where I have met with Hinchliffe, (the person shot at nether Thong), I have now prevailed over Hinchliffe to identify Schofield as one of the two men are concerned that outrage – I have been at Wakefield & have seen Schofield in the House of Correction there but have foreborn to say any thing to him. On my return I waited after Mr. Scott the magistrate who has fixed Monday for the Examination at Wakefield & has requested me to attend which I certainly shall & go through with it to the best of my ability — The Case from all the facts which I can collect from Exams in Mr. Scott’s possession & the last Examination of Hinchliffe taken in writing makes the Case extremely strong against Schofield, and there is not the smallest doubt as to a committal to York on Thursday upon a Case sufficient for Trial—

This shall be reported to you from Wakefield by the Monday’s Mail

The commitment will create a considerable sensation in this neighbourhood.

Mr. Scott informed me of the correspondence with you — & he appears well satisfied with what we have to lay before him as Evidence against Schofield —

Hinchliffe is now safe at a Gentlemen's House in this neighbourhood not to be seen by any except myself and Mr. Allison the Solr of this place — I found him extremely reluctant occasioned by the fear he was under for his own safety, & I have taken pains to give him confidence —

I have [etc]


[To J. Beckett Esqr]

This letter can be found at HO 42/126.

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