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3rd August 1812: Joseph Radcliffe informs the Home Office that arms raids still continue in Huddersfield

My Lord

Not returning from attending at York as a grand jury man untill the last evening, when no post goes out for London, I could not earlier do myself the honor of answering the letter Mr. Beckett forward me with, dated the 20th Inst.—There is scarcely a night I do not hear of robberys for arms, Lead, Gun powder, or money.—I could have wished Judge Bayley had not so lightly held forth the conduct of Sykes of meltham’s forcibly taking arms (to the jury) as to deem it a frolic; but in regard to this, as relative to His observations to the petty jury on the trials of other similar delinquents; perhaps feeling too much as an acting magistrate I must beg leave to refer your Lordship to the Hbl. Mr. H. Lascelles the foreman of the Grand jury, as to his, & their sentiments.—to Mr. Park, & the Recorder of Leeds, or to any, or every one who attended the trials, & from whom I humbly trust enquiry will be made.—as to my situation (& conduct) not an enviable one, it will become me to say any thing, no doubt some one here has, or will represent it—

The persons apprehended, & alluded to in Mr. Beckett’s Letter, one in custody, their having been brought here so near to the assizes, & the informants living in Cheshire, & Lancashire wd. not allow sufficient time their requisite attention to the business, prior to my attending the assizes.—all partys will be here on Monday next, when as soon as possible afterwards, my Clerk shall copy every transaction, which without loss of time I shall do myself the honor of transmitting to your Lordship. I have the honor to be, My Lord [etc],

Josh. Radcliffe

People are so terrified, no one
will voluntarily come forwards,
nor dare they, when brought,
speak the truth; what is got from
them is with the utmost difficulty.

[Date by HO Clerk on reverse – 3rd August 1812]

This letter can be found at HO 42/126.

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