Monday 11 March 2013

11th March 1813: The Luddite convict, John Lumb, is killed in an accident at Portsmouth

The 7 prisoners convicted and sentenced to transportation at the York Special Commission had left York for the Prison Hulk HMS Portland, moored at Langstone Harbour, Portsmouth on Monday 1st February 1813. But within 6 weeks, one of them was already dead.

John Lumb had cheated the hangman by being reprieved of his death sentence, the reprieve meaning he faced transportation to the colonies for life. But on Thursday 11th March 1813, in what we can only imagine was some kind of accident, he was 'killed by a cart running over him' according to the Prison Hulk register. No other details are available.

The Leeds Mercury of 6th February 1813 has details of prisoner's removal from York Castle. The Prison Hulk register is at HO 9/8.

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  1. So spooky eh. Thats my name. Thats my birthday. I was down there 200yrs later, daughter at Chichester Uni