Saturday, 16 March 2013

16th March 1813: Three Luddite burglars sentenced to death at Nottingham Lent Assizes

At Nottingham Lent Assizes on Tuesday 16th March 1813, 3 men were sentenced to death by hanging for burglary.

William Simpson, James Barker and Richard Selby were convicted before the Judge, Sir Vicary Gibbs, of breaking into the home of a farmer, Stephen Watson of Watnall, and stealing 6 cheeses, 4 silver teaspoons, some money (£1, 9 shillings and 7 pence) a gun and other sundry items. All three were sentenced to death. Barker and Selby were subsequently reprieved, unlike Simpson, who had held a gun at Watson and threatened to shoot him.

Simpson's execution was scheduled for 31st March.

The Derby Mercury of 25th March 1813 has details, as does Sutton (1852, p.306).

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