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14th March 1813: Captain Francis Raynes informs General Acland that William Cartwright wants to reduce the guard at Rawfolds Mill

Mill bridge 14th March


Since I had last the Honor to report to you I have heard a good deal dissatisfaction express’d by those persons who have had their Arms stolen that the Oath of Allegiance should have been administer’d without the depredator declaring what had become of the Arms, or giving such information as might lead to a satisfactory account of the disposal of them — some have gone so far as to say, they will prosecute notwithstanding His Majesty's Pardon —

Would it be adviseable Sir, to ask Sir George Armytages permission to search the Kirklees Mill Dam? as it appears to be the general opinion some are there.

Mr Cartwright feels so much confidence in the alter’d disposition of the People, as to have desired me if I thought proper to reduce his Mill Guard to a Corporal and five Privates—

I have [etc]
Francis Raynes Captain
Stirlingshire &c militia

Major General Acland.
&c — &c — &c

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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