Monday, 4 March 2013

4th March 1813: Thomas Shillitoe meets Joshua Schofield again, & tries to visit Benjamin Walker

On Thursday 4th March 1813, the Quaker missionary, Thomas Shillitoe, had discontinued his visits for one day, but met with a former Luddite, and attempted to meet another:
Fifth-day, the week-day meeting being discontinued, and feeling drawings in our minds to sit with the few Friends of Halifax, a meeting was concluded to be held this morning, at which, in addition to Friends, we had the company of several not professing with our religious Society; amongst whom was Joshua Schofield, the young man before-mentioned, whose mind was again so reached during what was communicated, that he trembled so much that he could not hide his state from the meeting, although it was evident he endeavoured for it. He afterwards settled in the neighbourhood of a meeting of Friends, became a steady young man, manifesting attachment to our principles, and regularly attended our meetings. In the afternoon we went to Longwood, with a view of visiting Benjamin Walker . He was a single young man, living with his parents; an accomplice with the other two in the murder of the master-manufacturer; and received the reward offered for apprehending the offenders, having his life saved by turning king's evidence. He being from home, we requested he would give us his company next morning, at Joseph Mallinson's, Longroyd-bridge.

This is from Shillitoe (1839, p.189).

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