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19th June 1815: Derby Magistrates are concerned about a military depot following anonymous threats

Derby County Hall 19th June 1815

My Lord.

Frequent intimation have been given of late, to the Mayor, and others, of an inintended attack upon the Military Depot, near the town of Derby. Little credit may be done to anonymous communications of this nature; but, however peaceably disposed, the labouring manufacturers in this, and the neighbouring counties, at present appear to be, there is too much reason to apprehend, that they are actively employed in concerting: and organizing plans of future outrage, and disturbance. Under this conviction, we consider it to be our duty, as acting Magistrates of the County, and Borough, to represent to your Lordship our unanimous opinion, that the Depot is by no means sufficiently guarded, or, in point of construction, a place of sufficient security, for the arms, and ammunition, deposited in it. In this opinion we are fully confirmed by gentlemen of military experience. The place, in itself, does not afford the means of an effectual temporary defence;—and, even with the advantage of not much augmented, and more efficient guard, would be carried, and the stores taken, or destroyed, by a mob, insignificant in point of numbers, before a party could arrive from the town, to protect it. It is unnecessary to advert to the consequences of such an event. The possibility of its happening, we [moot] will excuse us, for thus intruding upon your Lordship, and most earnestly soliciting the immediate attention of His Majesty's Government to our representation. To us it appears highly requisite for public security, and the preservation of the peace, not only that the regular guard of the Depot, should be increased, but that the building should be better secured, and in some degree fortified.

We have [etc]

F R C Mundy
W Whitwell
Francis Mundy
B. Heathcote
Richard Bateman
J: Radford
Edwd Miller Mundy
Henry Fitzherbert High Sheriff
Danl Parker Coke } County Magistrates acting the for the Districts round Derby

John Drewry } Mayor of the Borough of Derby
J Balguy } Recorder of the 1st Borough & acting magistrate for the County
John Hope
Thos Lowe
Richd Draper } Magistrates acting for the Borough of Derby

To the Rt Honble Lord
Viscount Sidmouth

This letter can be found at HO 42/146.

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