Tuesday, 23 June 2015

23rd June 1815: The convict, Thomas Holden, writes to his parents from Sydney, Australia

No 13 Letter and only one Answer

Sydney, Port Jackson.
New South Wales,
New Holland 23rd June 1815

My Dear Father & Mother,

I take this Opportunity of [  ]iting to you those few lines hoping it will [ ]ind you in good Health as it leaves me and I should wish to know the reason you dont write to me as there is a Ship sails from Portsmouth every 3 Months there is nothing in this World that would giue me more happiness than hearing from you at euery Opportunity there is never a Ship comes into New South Wales but I always go and ask for one and when there is not one I always think that /you\ quite forgott[  ] me

Mr and Mrs Holding

Dear Father you was a speaking to me about the Men that came in the Ship with me but I neuer associated with any of them so that I dont know any thing about any of them for I have as much as ever I can do to look after myself Dear Father I should like to know the reason my Brothe dont write to me Si[nce] that he can find as much time as I can do So I hear there is Peace made in England and I hope you will let me know how trade is in England since there was Peace and whether I could gett an honest living if I was at Home .... Dear Wife and Child I should wish to know the Reason that she does not write to me for there is some hopes of me getting my Pardon let me know the foundation andd send it by the next Ship

Not to be afraid of putting them in the Post Office for I will pay the postage for them and let me know all the New They can andd not to be afraid to let me know all particulars Dear Mother if it should be our fortune in this Wo/r\ld I hope it will be a happy meeting and if not in this world I hope in [    ]xt so now I think we will can[  ] [    ]ife Child, father Mother Broth[   ] [    ] my Cousin James & my Wifes Sister

Dear Father and Mother I am
your Most Afft and Loving Son
Till Death shall part
Thomas Holding

P:S: [Kiss] my Dear little Wife & Child for me my Dear Mother

T Holding

sydney New South Wales 23[   ]

[To] Mr John Holding
To be left at the sign of the Golden
Lion Church gate, Bolton
Lee Moores

This letter can be found at Lancashire County Records Office, ref DDX 140/7/17.

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