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24th June 1815: The Duke of Montrose tells Francis Raynes he has misunderstood an offer of employment

On Tuesday the 20th June 1815, the Duke of Montrose had written to Franics Raynes, inviting him to call at his residence in Grosvenor Square on any morning after 11.00 a.m. Raynes duly called on him shortly afterwards, and later recorded his thoughts about the meeting, which he followed with a copy of the Duke's next letter to him of Saturday 24th June:

The purport of the visit thus desired by the Duke, was for his Grace to inform me he had seen Lord Liverpool and Sidmouth, and it was their intention to give me the appointment of a Barrack-master. This, though far different from what, in the first instance, I had been led to expect, nevertheless, from the difficulties which had been thrown in the way of giving me any thing, I thought it best to accept. The propriety of thanking Lord Sidmouth, was suggested by the Duke; which I did, sending a copy of the letter to his Grace.

London, 24th June, 1815.


I have received your letter, and a copy of that sent to Lord Sidmouth, which is very proper; but I must observe, that Lord Sidmouth has only applied in your favour, and that I stated to you, the difficulties of obtaining the situation of Barrack-Master, from the just pretensions of old Barrack-Masters, deprived of their appointments by the peace establishment, &c. That you may obtain your reward, I earnestly wish, and so, I believe, does Lord Sidmouth; though there always a great difference, in my opinion, in what is to be done, and what is actually accomplished.

I remain, with esteem, Sir,
Your’s, &c.

[To] Captain Raynes.

This is from Raynes (1817, pp.159-160)

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