Saturday, 12 November 2011

12th November 1811: Daytime attacks on frames in transit at Basford

Following the outbreaks of frame-breaking that were already taking place, many hosiers decided to move their frames into the town of Nottingham itself, in the belief there was greater security there. But only a few hours after the attacks at Bulwell & Kimberley, attacks now followed on frames in transit.

The hosiers Maltby & Brewett in Sutton-in-Ashfield were moving five wide-frames by waggon when Luddites intercepted the transport at Basford. The frames were destroyed in the road, the Luddites making sure they broke the metal parts, and then set the woodwork alight. Another report has frames belonging to Job Bramley suffering a similar fate (in this case five wide and two narrow frames).
The attacks are reported in the Derby Mercury for 21st November 1811, the Leeds Mercury for 23rd November 1811, & Conant & Baker's report at HO 42/119

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