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26th November 1811: Duke of Newcastle to Home Office

Nov. 26, 1811


It is with my great satisfaction that l can now write to inform you that the late disagreeable disturbances in the County are entirely got under.

The disposition to riot in the neighbourhood of Nottingham was very speedily quelled, but a bad spirit was longer kept up in the villages near Mansfield where they are populous and the inhabitants in much distress at this moment from not being able to get work at their business — which consist principally of making stocking articles — as I mentioned also in a former letter the high price of every thing necessary for their subsistance presses now still heavier upon these poor people as they are out of employ. They certainly are very much to be pitied and when every thing is perfectly tranquil and that they find themselves subdued by being obliged to submit to the Laws I hope we may be able by some means to relieve them.

The Local Militia and Yeomanry of this County were a great deal more than necessary to keep the peace of the County.

As the whole four regiments of Local Militia have been called out on this occasion — I have written to the respective Colonels desiring them to send me returns of the number of day’s service which they have had, and which, when I obtain I will transmit to you.

I imagine the regular form on this occasion will be to request H.R.H. the Prince Regent’s approbation of the different regts. having been assembled for such a number of days. Should any other mode be necessary in order to make it more regular I shall be happy to receive your instructions on that head — as it will be a consideration with the Colonels to be able to draw for the pay and allowances for their men.

I have [etc.]


The letter can be found at H.O. 42/117.

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