Thursday, 24 November 2011

24th November 1811: More frame-breaking at Basford

Saturday night's frame-breaking at Basford continued the next evening. Numbers vary, but between 30 and 38 frames were broken that night, with the Nottingham Journal furnishing a particularly vivid description:
"On Sunday night last a general attack was made by these depredators upon the stocking frames in various workshops in the town and parish of Basford, when upwards of 30 (some accounts say 38) were completely destroyed, & the ironwork broken to pieces & scattered in all directions. The operations were conducted with so much secrecy and dispatch, that the business was accomplished, long before any force could be collected to resist them. A party of hussars, of which two additional troops had arrived here on Sunday morning, under the command of the Earl of Waldegrave, immediately set out for the scene of action, but arrived too late to be of any essential service."

As reported in the Nottingham Journal of 30th November 1811. Conant & Baker have 31 frames broken in their report at HO 42/119.

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