Saturday, 26 November 2011

26th November 1811: More attacks in Basford & a description of an attack

The frame-breaking continued apace at Basford, with between 8 and 13 frames being broken. The Nottingham Review carried a description of an attack which is notable for its comment upon the apparent motivations of the Luddites at this time:
“One house that they went into, they had much trouble to obtain a light, and, while rummaging a cupboard the something with which to procure one, they discovered some plate and other valuables; but, having obtained a bit of paper, they shut to the cupboard door, nor touched any thing in the house but the frames, which were the object of their vengeance. In another house it was well understood, that from fifty to seventy golden guineas were kept by the master; but, having exercised their wrath upon the obnoxious IRON, they left the GOLD in quiet possession of the owner. At another house the master offered them a considerable portion of money if they would spare the frames; but their answer was, that they wanted not his money, but the destruction of those instruments which prevented them from obtaining a livelihood in an honest manner. One poor man begged of the rioters to spare two frames that had been the fruit of his industry for many years: his request was granted.”

The Leeds Mercury of 30th November 1811 says 8 frames, were destroyed whilst both the Nottingham Review of the 29th November and Conant & Baker in their report at HO 42/119 state that 13 were destroyed. The quote is from the Nottingham Review of the 29th November.

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