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30th November 1811: W Sherbrooke to Duke of Newcastle

30 November, 1811

My Lord,

The mob is now so organized that nothing but military placed in every parish will be adequate to suppress it.

The rioters appeared in the last night in the Parishes of Beeston and Blidworth, placed men in the avenues to the Villages and declared they would shoot any man who attempted to go out to call the civil or Military power.

They then broke a great many frames and levied contributions on which they support themselves and by which they rapidly increase their numbers.

Your Grace will see the necessity of calling out such a formidable force as will at once overawe this Lawless mob — no half measure will be efficient, the mischief to be apprehended is much more formidable than persons not intimately acquainted with their intentions and proceedings can have any notion of and the Military cannot act efficiently unless stationed in every village.

I have [etc.]

Signed W. Sherbrooke

This letter is at HO 42/117.

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