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26th November 1811: Public Notice from the Town Clerk of Nottingham


THE Magistrates have observed with extreme regret, that the Spirit of Disorder, which has for some time past disgraced the County in the immediate Neighbourhood, has at length found means to proceed to the Destruction of Frames within the Town of Nottingham:—

I am therefore directed to give Notice,

That, the maintenance of the Public Peace, in order to enable them to give immediate Protection to the Property of their Fellow-Townsmen, the Magistrates have taken effectual means, by which an adequate Civil and Military Force can be assembled and brought the immediate Assistance of any Person or Persons, in the Town, whose Person or Property may be in Danger. And in order that every Individual may know, as well by Night as by Day, where to apply for Aid, I am further desired to state, for the information of the Public, that a Number of Constables will be kept in constant attendance at the POLICE OFFICE, to give immediate Information to the Magistrates, so long as they consider such Precautions necessary.

By Order of the Magistrates,

GEO. COLDHAM, Town Clerk.

Nottingham, 26th November, 1811.

This Notice appeared in the Nottingham Journal of 30th November 1811.

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