Sunday, 27 November 2011

27th November 1811: 1 Frame broken at Carlton, 6 at Basford

One frame was broken at Carlton, and Luddites would have no doubt broken more, but Conant & Baker reported that a party of Dragoons disturbed them.

The destruction at Basford continued: 6 more frames were broken in the evening.

Earlier in the daytime, a party of the 15th Dragoons were escorting a number of Frames from Bulwell and Basford to Nottingham when Luddites mounted an attack at 12 noon at Redhill, near Arnold. One frame was broken, and the Nottingham Review noted that the soldiers "avoided proceeding to extremities, not having the power to obstruct the rioters in a determined purpose."

All incidents related in Conant & Baker's report at HO 42/119 & also the Nottingham Review of the 29th November 1811.

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