Friday, 18 November 2011

18th November 1811: Reprisals and arson at Sneinton

Two nights after the arson attack on John Stirrup's hay rick at Mansfield, and a similar attack is launched on a hay rick belonging to a Mr Lewis of Sneinton, at Sneinton Field. A relative of Lewis was a member of the Holme-Pierrepont Yeomanry which had been called out on duty the previous week.

Although the fire was put out, and the remaining hay moved to a nearby farm-building, this building was also set alight the following night. The Luddites and/or their sympathisers were issuing clear and unambiguous warnings to the local bourgeoisie - assist in their suppression and there will be consequences.

As reported in the Derby Mercury of 28th November 1811 and Conant & Baker's report to the Home Office at HO 42/119. The latter report that the relative of Lewis was his nephew, whilst the Mercury reported it was his son.

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