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30th November 1811: W Sherbrooke to Duke of Newcastle

30th Nov., 1811

My Lord,

As the nightly destruction of Frames by an armed mob, conducted with much system, is continued and extends in every direction, and contributions are levied round the county under the influence of menaces to the lives and property of individuals; and the military force in this District is completely inadequate to the Suppression of the mischief, and the Secretary of State (notwithstanding repeated applications from the Magistrates for an adequate Military Force to be established here during the Winter) has not hitherto complied with the application, I am desired by the Magistrates, assembled at the County Hall in Nottingham this day, to request that your Grace will give immediate directions, that the whole of the Volunteer Yeomanry Cavalry of the County shall be immediately called into actual service under the command of your Grace, and to be stationed in such places as the Magistrates direct, during the continuance of the present tumultous state of the county.

The Magistrates will sit at the County Hall in Nottingham on Monday Wednesday and Saturday next.

I have [etc.]

W. Sherbrooke
Chairman of the Special Session

W. Sherbrooke to Duke of Newcastle (H.O. 42/117)

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