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21st May 1812: Gravenor Henson updates Nottingham about progress at the Select Committee in London

1812. May 21



I take this Opportunity of informing you that the Committee have closed the Evidence, and will make their Report on Monday; We have hopes that the Trade will be incorporated, the same as the Cutlers at Sheffield, or in other Words, the Charter will be ratify'd by Act of Parliament; You must endeavor by every means in your Power to raise a Sum of Money and send us whatever you can; Mr Toplis thinks we shall have to pay Mr Gurney the Short Hand Writer, You dole us Money out as though you was bestowing Alms, here we are at a great Expence, Paying Coach Hire for Witnesses Return, and  you send us Five Pound; If I had not Money of my Own in my Pocket, we should have been quite fast; I gave Ten Pound to Mr Toplis, 2=12=0 to Mr Green 1=11=6 to Mr Blackner and 1=11=6 to Mr Allen Besides paying 15 Shillings for my Lodging which Blackner and Columbell occupied—Latham and Large, I hope will be with you in the beginning of the Week; They cannot come down for want of Money, they mean to collect the Town and County—

One Person is sufficient to remain here when the Bill is in Parliament at least till the Third Reading—Why the Devil dont you send the Silk Stockings; are you asleep! Mr Keck leaves Town for Leicestershire to morrow and will not be in Town before the Kings Birth Day. Lord how negligent you are, If you cannot send all send some Damn the Trade they seem determined on their own Destruction: They are the most backward dilatory, unwilling to do good race of Men on Earth: Send if you can but I confidently hope they are now on the Road; Send them Blast them either send them or bum them, If they do not arrive instantly they will be of no use. If any Man in the Trade refuses to do his Duty in the making of Articles for the Recovery of his Trade Knock his Teeth down his Throat instantly.

I am Sir
Yours eternally
G. Henson

P.S. I have One Pound Ten Shillings left of my own Money.

[Addressed to] Mr. Thos. Roper . . . Nottingham.
This letter can be found in the Records of the Borough of Nottingham, vol.8, 1800-1835 (pp.147).

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