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15th May 1812: Letter from “I-G" at Leeds to Benjamin Gott at Leeds

I-G to Benjamin Gott,                                                                                               Leeds, 15th May, 1812.


No doubt you are Informd as to the proceedins of the Ludites But feariful you Should Not to the Extent is the Caws of My Trublin you thus = a friend of Mine ad it from a Man that was Theair and on Sunday Night at Rounda wood to the Number of 400 thay theair Decreed the Death of 2 and with Great Diffecalty He Extorted from the Man that you was one = Be Carful of your Self for a few Weeks = alter your usal walks to yo1u' Busness = I will Giv you all the Information In My power Be of Good Currige But Be Carful = I Mentioned it to two of My friends who know your worth to the Town and world In general as well as Myself you do Not know Me But I will Be your Gardin angell as far as My abilities Go—rest Satisfide that if I Can find out the Tigars that is apointed for that Infernall job you Shall ave a Good account of them or Him. God Bless and preserve you through these difiicalt Times.

do not Cummunicate this to aney one==do Not Indevor to find Me ought and you May Rest Satisfide I am your well wisher I-G.

Leeds 15th May 1812

This letter appears in Binfield (2004, p.225)

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