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7th May 1812: Gravenor Henson writes to Thomas Latham in London

1812. May 7

Nottingham . . .

Mr Latham


I have just seen the Statesman and dont find a Single Syllable respecting our Business, I feel myself much surprised that Mr Tracey would not receive the Petition from his Constituents without giving you so much trouble. Every thing here is in the greatest anxiety, I can scarce walk the Streets without being stopt to enquire how we are going on and when I go to Town again. Do for Gods sake enquire minutely of Messrs Smith and Coke our Worthy Members, whether any thing is intended speedily to be done respecting the Motion for appointing a Committee on our Business; Inform us how you go on respecting the Petitions, whether any of them have been presented Has the Leicester and Leicester County and Derby County been presented; We have written to Dublin they have not received the Sheets Have you received the Glasgow Petition Has Mr Toplis gone to Mansfield, he has not written to me yet,—We are getting veils [?] of every description, we have a Specimen of Warp Lace, that is superior to any Foreign I have seen; though made of Cotton it has not an Harl in it. The Silk Hands are all Mashing The Specimens of Lace we have ordered are Warp Silk and Cotton Ten Course Hole, Mechlin Warp, Point Nett Cotton 24 Holes to the Inch from 160 No Cotton I Maltby has sent to Manchester for it.—Point Silk Lace made from a 40 Gage 25 Holes to the Inch, We shall have it run in a superior manner by the best Hands in Town We have hopes of obtaining something entirely new in the Plain Silk Trade, The Rack has been apply'd in Principle to the Plain Frame it Works safely by pulling over the Arch and the Presser, the German Ribb has been counted to Day, More counting will go forward to morrow I have begun the Schedules, Inform me If you have recd. the Fleecy Gloves from Lowater and what Mr Waisbell says, We have some Worsted Single Thread Hose if you want them Leicester has sent for Five Pound we have not sent it, till their Witnesses is wanted Do not engage Lodgings while you are sure they are not wanted, I think I would defer it till the Committee was appointed

If you want me write I should like to remain here as long as possible; Send me word when you shall want any Witnesses, If you have pressing need of Mony which I think you have not write, I am extremely harr[ied ?] I have such a multiplicity of Business 

I think I request enough at once Do not fail Writing a minute Account, and for that purpose get a Frank for the Benefit of a Doub[l]e Letter

I Remain as Ever
Yours sincerely
G Henson

PS Roper, Greensmith, and Bowler desire to be remembered to you, they want to know if London is improved in Smell.

[Addressed to] Mr Latham . . . London.

This letter can be found in the Records of the Borough of Nottingham, vol.8, 1800-1835 (pp.146-147)

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