Tuesday, 15 May 2012

15th May 1812: 'General Ludd's Army' rescue a Luddite at Stalybridge

The Leeds Mercury of 23rd May 1812 carried the following report about the escape of a suspected Luddite in Stalybridge and his subsequent rescue on the 15th May 1812:

Unsuccessful attempt to take a Luddite.—On Tuesday se’nnight, a person suspected to belong to this fraternity, was pursued by the peace officers near Staley-bridge. Being a collier, he naturally retreated to his underground-hiding place, sliding for that purpose down the rope, hanging in the shaft of the pit. A guard of upwards of forty of the patrole, were mounted at the mouth of the pit, which was kept up by necessary changes till the following Friday, determined to starve the besieged to a surrender, or confine him till death. On the night of Friday, however, a detachment of Gen. Ludd's army, consisting of more than forty men, appeared, drove the besiegers from their post, gave a whistle, when the besieged ascended the rope, and escaped to his deliverers.

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