Thursday, 19 April 2012

19th April 1812: Letter from "General Justice" to Thomas Garside, Stockport

21 April 1812
Mr. Garside

April 19th


We think it our Duty to inform you that We was Intent upon Seting fire to your factory on Account of those Dressing Machines that was and still are Within it. But We Consider that it would Be very Injurious to those Industrious Masters that Occupy the Different parts of it therefore in justice to humanity We think it our Bounin Duty to give you this Notice that is if you doo not Cause those Dressing Machines to be Removed Within the Bounds of Seven Days from the above Date your factory and all that it Contains Will and Shall Surely Be Sit on fire Remember We have given you fare Warning and if your factory is Burnd, it is your own falt: it is Not our Desire to doo you the Least Injury But We are fully Determind to Destroy Both Dressing Machines and Steam Looms Let Who Will be the Owners We Neither Regard those that keeps them Nor the Army for We Will Conquer Both or Die in the Conflict Remember, We have given you Both time and Warning and if you pay no attention you Must abide by the Consiquence

41 Signd General Justice

This letter can be found at HO 40/1/2. Thomas Garside was the Manufacturer attacked in Stockport on the 14th April 1812.

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