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21st April 1812: The Sheriff of Carlisle brings more troops to the city

Carlisle April 21st 1812


Having been call’d here this morng in consequence of riots which have been existing here for the last twelve days – and which are more increasing to an alarming degree - I have with the concurrence of the Magistrates and of the Deputy Lieutenants – ordered 150 men of the Whitehaven local Militia had 100 men of the Penrith local Militia to proceed to this city immediately to aid the civil Power and the regular Troops already here in keeping the Peace – the magistrates being of opinion in consequence of the plan the rioters have adopted of plundering in the neighbouring Villages – that the force at their command was not sufficient for that purpose

I have the honor
to be Sir
Yr mo hble Sevt
Tho. Hartley

This letter can be found at HO 42/122. Hartley has underestimated the length of time the disturbances have been continuing: they began on 6th April, 15 days and not 12 days prior to his letter.

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