Friday, 27 April 2012

27th April 1812: Letter from "A. B." sent to Joseph Radcliffe threatens Thomas Atkinson, William Horsfall and a 'Civil War'

April 27th 1812


I thought it my duty as a Friend, to address you with a few lines upon the Perrilous situation of this Country; as you are the principle Magistrate for this District, they look to you, and only you, for some Redress; If this Machinery is suffer’d to go on it will probable terminate with a Civil War, which I could wish to be avoided, there fore as you are not intrested by Machinery and the Spirit of the People appears so resolute in the Cause, that if some measures be not adopted and immediately, it will be attended with great Distruction, and particular those who are our greatest Persecutors. With respect to this Watch and Ward Act, you are not aware of the additional, Oppression you are bringing upon your Tenants, and other Occupiers of Lands, and all for the sake of two Individuals in this District, which I am not afraid to subscribe their names, Mr Ths Atkinson, & Mr Wm Horsfall, who will soon be number’d with the dead, and summoned before the awfull Tribunal, and that God who will Judge every Man according to the Deeds done in the Body. And Jesus knew their thoughts and said unto them, every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself, shall not stand.

A. B.

This letter can be found in Binfield (2004, p.222)

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