Saturday, 21 April 2012

[Late] April 1812: Poem titled "Well Done Ned Lud", Nottinghamshire

Well dn, Ned Lud, your cause is good,
Mk Perceval your aim,
By the late Bill ’tis understood,
’Tis death to break a fram.

With dextrs skll the Hosiers kill,
For they are quite as bad,
To die you must by the late bill,
Go on my bonny lad

You may as well be hangd, for death
As brkng a machine,
So now my lad, your sword unsheath,
And make it sharp and keen.

We’re ready nw your gause to join,
Whenever you may call,
To make foul blood run fair and fine,
Of tyrants grt and small.

P.S. Deface this who dare,
Shall have tyrants fare,
For Ned’s Every where,
To both see and hear.

An enemie to Tyrants

This letter appears in Binfield (2004, p.130)

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