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12th April 1814: Government notice requesting information on frame-breaking in Gilt Hill, Nottinghamshire

Whitehall, April 12, 1814.

Whereas it hath been humbly represented unto His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, that about two o'clock on the morning of the 4th instant, five or six persons or more, disguised in slops or flannel shirts, broke and entered into the shop of Mr. Thomas Morley, of Gilt-Hill, in the parish of Greasley, in the county of Nottingham, and destroyed five stocking frames, with the work that was on them;

His Royal Highness, for the better apprehending and bringing to justice the persons concerned in the said felony, is hereby pleased, in the name and on behalf of His Majesty, to promise His Majesty's most gracious pardon to any one of them (except the person or persons who actually broke the said frames) who shall discover his or her accomplice or accomplices therein, so that he, she, or they may be apprehended and convicted thereof.


This notice was posted in the London Gazette of 16th April 1814.

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