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25th April 1814: The William Cartwright Fund agree to disburse the monies raised


AT a MEETING of the SUBSCRIBERS to the FUND raised by voluntary Contributions, to mark the Sense entertained by the West Riding, of the Public Services of Mr. WILLIAM CARTWRIGHT, during the late Disturbances, called by the Treasurer, by Advertisement, and held at the Yew Tree Inn, Robert-Town, Monday, April 25, 1814,



It appeared to the Meeting, that the Amount of the Subscription is about £2400, but the Meeting had to regret that the Returns made to the Treasurer were very incomplete. All Gentlemen who intend to subscribe, and all who have delayed to pay the Sums subscribed, are earneslt requested to pay their Subscriptions to any of the Banks in the West Riding.―And all Bankers, and other Gentlemen who have received, or may yet receive Subscriptions, are hereby requested to remit them immediately, with an accurate List of the Names and Sums, to Thomas Allen, Esq; the Treasurer, Green Head, Huddersfield.

The following Resolutions were passed UNANIMOUSLY―

1. That the most respectful Thanks of this Meeting are hereby given to the Nobility, and Gentry of the West Riding, for their liberal Contributions on the present Occasion; and particularly to Sir Francis Lindley Wood. Bart. for the active and efficient Manner in which he recommended this Subject to their Consideration.

2. That the best Thanks for this Meeting are hereby given to Thomas Allen. Esq; the Treasurer; to the Bankers, to the Committees, Collectors, and Contributors, in the several Towns and Parts of the West Riding, and to all those Gentlemen who have exerted themselves to promote the Object of the Fund.

3. That in Addition to the Sum of £400. already presented by this Committee, the further Sum of £1000 be placed at Mr. W. Cartwright’s sole Disposal.

4. That the Residue of the Subscription, (after paying all incidental Expences of Advertising, &c.) be placed in the Hands of Trustees, to be secured by them in such Manner as they shall deem best for the Advantage of Mr. W. Cartwright’s Family.

5. That Sir Francis Lindley Wood. Bart,
Rev. H. Roberson, Heald’s Hall,
John Thomson, M.D. Halifax,
Charles Coupland, jun. Esq; Leeds, and
Benjamin Haigh Allen, Esq; of Huddersfield,

Be requested to act as Trustees for this Purpose: and that Mr. W. Cartwright be desired to act with these Gentlemen as joint Trustees, in Order that his Wishes may be considered as much as possible in the Investment of the Sum in Question.


The cordial and unanimous Thanks of the Meeting were voted to William Rawson, Esq; for this Services as Chairman.

This advert appeared in the Leeds Intelligencer of 2nd May 1814.

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