Monday, 7 April 2014

7th April 1814: Leicester Hosiers meeting takes stockingers' demands for higher wages seriously

AT a Meeting of the Hosiers convened by public advertisement this day, at the Exchange, Mr. Carr, in the chair, it was unanimously resolved.
1st. That the petition of the framework-knitters is entitled to the mature deliberation of the manufacturers.
2d. That it is highly necessary that an advance should take place in the price of labour.
3d. That this meeting be adjourned until Tuesday the 19th instant, when a full attendance of the manufacturers both in town and county, is particularly requested, at the Exchange, at 3 o’clock precisely.
4th. That the thanks of this meeting be given to the Chairman.

G. Carr,
Joseph Hames,
Smith and Brookhouse,
Harby Barber,
John Moore and Son,
James Sergeant,
J. B. Robinson,
J. and S. Coltman,
Thomas Davie,
William Rawson,
George Hurst,
Richard Mitchell,
J. Worthington & Son,
Thomas Stokes,
Richard Rawson.

Leicester, April 7, 1814.

This advert appeared in the Leicester Journal of 15th April 1814.

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