Tuesday, 1 April 2014

1st April 1814: Thomas Holden's parents write to him again from Hag End, near Bolton

Hagend April 1st 1814

Dear Son                       

We receivd yours & are glad to hear you are so comfortably situated at the end of your Journey which we are sorry to hear was attended with sickness you say you are looking out for a ship but (for what reason if you are well-doing) but you wish to come home before the expiration of the time you was sent for, you must be very cautious how you go about it though [    ]e should all be very happy to see you at home again in a Lawfull manner Please to excuse an advice how to proceed if you are acquainted with your master (which I suppose you are) you must get him to write to the government of England for their approbation of your discharge from Banishment as returning before the time without it whould cause them to send you again & perhaps fore a longer period you'll please to write as soon as you can after the receipt of this & let us know your mind your Wife & Child are very well & your goo[ ] in the same state you left them & likely to continue so if you know any thing about Knowles where he is wish to know for the sake of his parents they are so anc[ ]tious to hear from him
your Wife joines in the greatest Love with us to you & we remain your Loving Father & Mother

John & Ellen Holden

PS Please to write to us as ofte[n] you Can.

[To] Thos Holden
At Commissary Allen Esq
New South Wales
or Sydney Cove

This letter can be found at Lancashire County Records Office, ref DDX 140/7/15

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