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19th April 1814: The Reverend Becher asks a Nottingham solicitor to recruit a spy

London New [illegible]
19 April 1814

My dear Sir

Since my conversation with you upon the system of organization prevailing among the inferior Mechanics in the County of Nottingham, it has [devolved] upon me to confer with those invested with the power; &, fortunately, for us, actuated by disposition to preserve the peace of the County.

I have ventured to mention your name at the Office of a man of acknowledged fidelity & discretion; and I am authorised to apply to you for any useful communication which may have reached you since we separated.—If your disposition to [sour] the public will induce you to direct your attention to the investigation of the prevailing offences any reasonable allowance will be made to such private Informer as you may find it necessary to employ for the purpose of discovering the extent of the mischief projected, as well as the principal person concerned in the revival of frame breaking and the dangerous confederacy which is now so industriously promoted—meanwhile my personal endeavours shall not be wanting.—

I need scarcely add that I shall be glad to hear from you at your earliest convenience and to receive a full statement of your sentiments.—

I am &c &c
J. T. Beecher

To Lewis Allsop Esq. Nottingham.

This letter can be found at HO 42/138.

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