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26th April 1814: Reward notice for threatening letter to James Rawson

200 Guineas

MR JAMES RAWSON, Junior, of Leicester, Hosier, has received a threatening letter of which the following is a copy;

“James Rawson

We here declare that your life shall pay the forfit of your conduct, on tuseday last at the Exchange, and at the committee since your commencing Overseer of the poor. there is not a greater Villain in existence. than you. are. We, shall. set no. time but. take opertunity as it serves. you may perhaps evade it. for a time but we shall. be warey. and sure. for our resolution. is not to be shaken. A committee is appointed. and your most secret. movement. are obsrved.


Is hereby offered to be paid, by the said JAMES RAWSON, to any Individual who will give such evidence as shall be the means of convicting the Person or Persons guilty of sending the above Threatening Letter.―And if any one will impeach his Accomplice or Accomplices, or give such secret information as shall lead ultimately to a conviction, he shall receive the like Reward, and exertions shall be made to procure the pardon of the person or persons so impeaching.

And, as a further inducement, the MAYOR and MAGISTRATES of the Borough of Leicester hereby promise an additional 


For any such information as above mentioned, to be paid by them, on conviction of the person or persons guilty of this diabolical crime. And they promise to use their utmost endeavours to procure the pardon of any one who shall impeach his accomplice or accomplices.

It may be remarked that Mr. RAWSON was not present at the Meeting to which the Letter alludes.

Leicester, April 26th, 1814.

A copy of this handbill can be found at HO 42/138. The reward was advertised in an almost identical manner in the Leicester Journal of 29th April 1814. Printed below the reward notice was the following text: 
MR. JAS. Rawson, Jun. is obliged to his Correspondent for the hint he has given him, but is afraid without some further clue he shall be unable to avail himself of the benefit he intended. Begs he will furnish him with that further information he can through the same medium.

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