Wednesday, 14 December 2011

15th December 1811: Frame-breaking continues in the town of Nottingham

On the traditional Nottinghamshire Ludding day of Sunday, Luddites struck again in the town of Nottingham before 7 p.m. 2 lace frame were broken in Navigation Row and one lace frame in Broad Marsh, with another being carried away. The Nottingham Review gave a flavour of the response of the authorities:
"The daringness of these two night’s proceedings caused the magistrates to have recourse to very prompt and determined measures; they increased the number of special constables, and seized the men at whose houses the frames had been broken, under an impression that they were either accessory to, or connived at, the outrages. It has been proved since, however, that the men were all from home at the time."

As reported in the Nottingham Review of 20th November 1811 & the Derby Mercury of 26th December 1811. The latter says Cypress Street saw frame-breaking.

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