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21st December 1811: Letter from 'Ned Ludd' at Nottingham to the Corporation


I prosum you are desireus of A sitiation hin the fugoffis and you may Rest ashured nothing shall be wonting hon My part to procure you the sitiations you Apply for but I doubt I shall not be able to provide for you all in the fugoffice, as som of you willnot alltogather be wiling To stop there hon A Count of the dangeours Desorder you seem to Laber hunder, it aperes from the simtoms of youre desorder that another full moon or two will make som of you fit objects for the Hous in snenton Fields, but if it shud plese devin provedenc to render any of you unfit to discharg the dutys Which Mr. Coldham has imposed hon youre Commitey befor the 12th of february 1812 I will get Docr. Willis to atend hon you but At the A bove date Mr. Willis will be wanted at Saint Lukes as it may be Expected he wil have Ocation to meet King Percevell and the rest of youre Coleges there.

I am yours faithfuly
Ned Lud――

December the 21 1811 

This letter is transcribed in Binfield (2004, p.85). Binfield points out that the Dr Willis referred to was a Dr. John Willis (son of Francis Willis) who had treated George III for Mental Illness, which had been reported in the Nottingham Review around that time.

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