Saturday, 3 December 2011

3rd December 1811: A narrow escape for Luddites in Nottingham & frames destroyed in New Radford

At 9 p.m. on Tuesday the 3rd December, Luddites were in the process of destroying a stocking-frame in Rutland street in Nottingham when a magistrate leading a party of soldiers turned up at the entrance to the workshop, having been alerted to their presence. The group fled through window at the back of the workshop onto the roof next door and descended into the yard of the same building. Although the authorities gave chase, the Luddites forced their way into another house and out into the street before making their escape.

On the the same evening, 4 stocking frames were destroyed in New Radford.

As reported in the Leeds Mercury of 7th December 1811, the Nottingham Review of 6th December 1811 & the Derby Mercury 12th December 1811.

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