Thursday, 1 December 2011

1st December 1811: Frame-breaking at New Radford & Nottingham demonstrate Luddite methods

On Sunday evening, 8 frames were broken at New Radford1, the second consecutive night of frame-breaking there. A report in the Leeds Mercury of 7th December gives a good example of how the Luddites operated and picked their targets in an ordered and disciplined manner:
"They broke only the frames of such as have reduced the price of the men's wages; those who have not lowered the price, have their frames untouched; in one house, last night, they broke four frames out of six; the other two which belonged to masters who had not lowered their wages, they did not meddle with."

In Nottingham itself, 2 frames were broken, 1 at Bullers Court, Narrow Marsh and 1 at the back of South Street2.

1.The Derby Mercury of 12th December 1811 said that '4 out of 6' frames had been broken in one workshop at New Radford. The date of the Leeds Mercury quote does not accord with the date of publication because it is from another newspaper of an earlier date.
2. According to Conant & Baker's report at HO 42/119.

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