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6th December 1811: Derby Magistrates request help from the Home Office

County Hall Derby

Decr. 6. 1811.


We the Magistrates resident & acting in the District of our County contiguous to that part of Nottinghamshire, where Disturbances amongst the stockingers have, during some time, alarmingly prevailed, feel ourselves called upon by our Duty to state to you the following circumstances;

A representation having been made to us within the last fortnight of the extension of those disturbances into Derbyshire, we directed watch to be kept, & a large number of Special Constables were appointed in those Townships where the Inhabitants are chiefly Stockingers. Of the failure of our endeavours the Depositions & Statements, accompanying this letter, will but too plainly evince; from which failure & from the secrecy and suddenness with which these depredations have been committed, it strongly appears to us that no occasional or merely temporary remedies will put a stop to them – Great apprehensions prevail also at Shardlow & Cavendish Bridge in this neighbourhood, where the Trent & Grand Trunk Navigations meet, & where the Wharfs & Warehouses are very extensive & stored with articles of great value; & we understand from report that they threaten to destroy the several Locks on the line of the Canal which if carried into execution would instantly throw Ten Thousand Colliers out of work [In the Military Depot near Derby (a building of little defence in its construction & guarded only by a few men) there are supposed to be at this time twelve Thousand Stand of Arms & forty Tons of Gunpowder a reference to the Board of Ordnance would ascertain that point] sent to the Ordnance 10th

We are fully persuaded that these mischiefs will proceed, unless immediate measures are adopted for the protection of the Country, & the damage be to very great amount. And we request the favor of your attention to the circumstances & press for immediate assistance.

FNC Mundy
Dan Parker Coke
J Balguy
B Heathcote
E Witwell
John Radford
Edward Miller Mundy

Derby 6 December 1811

Right Honourable Richard Ryder

P.S. Since his application was resolved on yesterday at our petty sessions, Mr Byng, a Master Hosier, has attended with a statement of what happened last night in his Concern, which we also transmit.

This letter appears at HO 42/117.

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