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4th December 1811: Nathaniel Conant to Home Office

Nottingham Wednesday night
Decr. 4th 1811


I arrived here at noon today — but the County Magistrates had no meeting about the Riots today and Mr. Sherbrook the Chairman lives 13 miles off. I have sent your letter to him and offer’d to go over to him if he is not coming here today. I have seen the Mayor and Town Clerk and also Col. Elliott and Dr. Rector of one of the Parishes who are both very active County Magistrates — they all seem perfectly satisfied that a Commission would not be expedient. I am happy to say that there is no appearance of panic among them — but a well regulated zeal to do whatever arises that is judged expedient. I cannot hear of any new matter they have, beyond the depositions they sent up. They seem much set upon having a Regiment or Party of Foot — I told them I knew the Berkshire Militia were ordered. The fact is that Mr. Sherbrook not having been here since Monday — They are not informed to particulars from your late letters which probably have been sent to the country to Mr. Sherbrook.

So far as I can judge by appearances and the conversations above referred to — There is nothing to be apprehended from disturbances or much Mischief in this Town. The defence is sufficient; and the chance of detection and provisions of the civil power in the Town such as will prevent. The frames are here and there for ten miles round which are all open to the depredators — who take their own time and in five minutes destroy the Frame and disappear. Something, of the sort happened so late they say as this morning 4 miles off. — But the result in my own mind is, that much mischief is not to be apprehended.

The Magistrates that I have seen seem strongly sensible of the assistance the Government affords them.

I beg you to excuse the haste in which I write.

Yours [etc.]

N. Conant

Nathaniel Conant was a Police Magistrate from Bow Street sent to Nottingham by government to investigate the Luddite disturbances in Nottinghamshire. This letter was written upon his arrival and can found at HO 42/117. This was to be a brief visit, and later on, in early 1812, he was to return with his colleague and fellow Bow Street Magistrate Robert Baker.

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