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20th December 1811: "The Committee of the Corporation" of Nottingham

THE COMMITTEE appointed by the above Resolutions of the Common Hall, or Meeting of the Mayor and Common Council for the said Town of Nottingham, do hereby, in pursuance of the Power and Authority given to them by the said Resolutions, offer the reward of


as mentioned in the Resolutions, to any Person or Persons, (except the Writer or Writers of the anonymous Letter and Papers therein mentioned,) who shall give such Information as may lead to the Conviction of the Writers, Authors, Publishers, or Senders thereof; such Reward to be paid on the Conviction of the Parties, and to be apportioned wholly or partly, according to the Extent or Nature of Information given, as the said Committee, through the Medium of the said Town Clerk, shall direct.

And the said Committee hereby inform the Public, and all Persons of every Description concerned in, or affected by the illegal and felonious Proceedings, in the said Resolution referred to, of their firm and determined Resolution to employ all Means in their Power towards bringing the misguided and wicked Men concerned in the said illegal and felonious Proceedings, to Justice, and to prevent any further Progress being made.

And they feel it their duty to give the Public the Information that they have submitted the above Resolutions to the Consideration of His Majesty's Government, and that independently of the Powers with which they are invested by the above Resolutions, they have the Sanction of the Government.

Communications to this Committee, of every Description, are to be made to Mr Coldham, the Town Clerk, and such as are made, by written Documents, are to be addressed to “The Committee of the Corporation,” under Cover to the said Town Clerk.

The Committee feel it to be of the utmost Importance, but the greatest Secrecy should be observed, as well for the Prosecuting with more Effect, any Enquiries that may be necessary, in consequence of Information given, as the Security of the Parties rendering such information; and they hereby pledge themselves most sacredly not to divulge the Names of Parties of any description, who may give them such Information. With the above solemn assurance of Secrecy, the Committee feel it their duty to call upon Hosiers, (the destruction of whose Property is the present and immediate object of the deluded Rioters) to render to them through the before-mentioned medium, every degree of information in their power, to which the Committee pledge themselves to give immediate attention, whether such Information shall relate to the discovering the Authors or Abettors of any of the above Proceedings, or to the Prevention of any intended mischief. The Committee also, not only pledge themselves to observe the same degree of Secrecy, respecting all other Persons, who may think proper to give them Information of any description, which may tend towards the attaining the object for which they have been appointed, but they hereby promise to pay and distribute the Sum of TWO THOUSAND POUNDS, mentioned in the said Resolutions, to be vested at their disposal, in very liberal Rewards, to and amongst any Persons who may bring them Information, according to the extent and nature thereof, and which, from the complete control they possess of the application of the said Sum of £2000, (they not being compelled to account for the same,) they are enabled to do with the greater Secrecy and effect, as well as Security to the Party, giving the Information. And they hereby specifically offer a Reward of TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS, in addition to the £50 offered by his Majesty's Proclamation, to any person or Persons who shall give them such information, as may lead to the Conviction of any of the Parties actually concerned in the illegal and felonious Proceedings, which now agitate the Town and Neighbourhood; such Reward to be paid on Conviction of the Party.

And also, in order to strike at the Root of the Evil, the said Committee offer a Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, in Addition to His Majesty's Proclamation, to any Persons who shall give the said Committee such information as may lead to the Conviction of the Parties who are organizing, arranging, conducting, and managing the System adopted by the Parties concerned in these dreadful and shocking Proceedings; such Reward of One Hundred Pounds to be paid on the Conviction of the last-mentioned Parties, and to be apportioned wholly or partly, according to the Extent and Nature of the Information given by each Person, as the Committee, through the Medium of the said Town Clerk, shall direct.

The Committee take this opportunity of intimating to the Magistrates acting for the said Town of Nottingham and Neighbourhood, that any Information and all Suggestions they may think it proper to communicate to them, and which they are requested to do through the Medium of the Town Clerk, shall have every possible Degree of Attention paid to them, and that they have directed the Town Clerk to communicate with them upon all occasions that may appear proper for the Preservation of the Peace of the Town and Neighbourhood; and all Constables and Persons of every Description employed by, or in aid of the Civil Power, our most urgently requested to communicate, with all possible dispatch, to the said Town Clerk, suspicious Circumstances of every Description, which may happen to come to their knowledge, that no loss of time may take place in an immediate investigation thereof.

The Committee have made Arrangements which are most effectual for the Attainment of the Objects to which they have been appointed; and to enable them to meet the wicked and misguided Men above alluded to, in a Manner they are not aware of; and they cannot close these Observations without very seriously and solemnly stating it to be the Duty of all Persons who value themselves as good and useful Members of Society, to render them every Degree of Assistance and Information in their Power; and more especially, as they can, from the System of Secrecy and Security adopted by the Committee, do so without the least Degree of Risk to themselves.

By Order of the Committee,
GEO. COLDHAM, Town Clerk.

Nottingham, Dec. 20, 1811.

This notice was published in the Nottingham Review on 20th December 1811.

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