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15th January 1813: General Maitland tells General Acland that the burials of the condemned Luddites should be watched closely

York 15th Jany

Dear General

As the Bodies of the Culprits who are to be executed to morrow morning, will be delivered over to their friends after execution, it is advisable, that their Burial should be observed, and that proper Persons should be sent to watch their Proceedings.

This Caution had better be communicated to Huddersfield in particular, and to Rayne, Cooper, through Campbell to Leeds, and generally wherever these Men are Buried.

The Object of this, is not to prohibit their fair and decent Burial; but to ascertain as far as may be, the temper of the Country upon the Subject.

No military exertion can be made use of upon the occasion; but it is of eminent necessity, the People should understand we have a Watchful Eye, over all their Proceedings, & if any uncommon or unexpected Number, may be collected on any of these occasions, it is fitting, that they should not only know, we are watching their Motions, but that such undue Ceremony should be attended with a Patrole of Cavalry, to see that they immediately go quietly to their Homes—

I am
Dear General
T Maitland

[To] Major Genl. Acland
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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